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Art inspired by Anthony Browne's 'Voices in the Park' October 2018

Puppet Making - February 2018

As part of our fairytales topic, we have been studying how to make puppets.  We have learnt about hand puppets, rod puppets and marionettes.  We have chosen the type of puppet we want to make, have designed them and are now in the process of making the puppets.

Our Inspirational Homework Journals - February 2018

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Stanley and Izzy have been inspired by our animation learning in class to have a go at making their own animations at home. We hope you enjoy them.

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Chinese New Year Day - 9th February 2018

Chinese New Year Day - 9th February 2018 1
Chinese New Year Day - 9th February 2018 2
Chinese New Year Day - 9th February 2018 3
Chinese New Year Day - 9th February 2018 4

Our Inspirational Homework Journals - January 2018

Making Pretzels

We have been researching German recipes as part of our topic.  We decided that we wanted to make pretzels.  We found the best recipe and then spent time making them.  We are going to sell them at our German Christmas Market.  Pretzels can be enjoyed with a dip of sweet Bavarian mustard - delicious!

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Picture 2
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Hinduism Workshop - November 2017

Inspirational Journals

We have Inspirational Journals in Crooklets class as a different way of us having home learning.  Every week we add an entry to our journals on something that inspires or interests us.  This can be linked to things we do at home, with our families, at school or just something about which we want to find out more.


Have a look at a selection from our journals.

Sketching Kilkhampton

As part of our topic, 'Great Artists,' we sketched the views we could see from our village.  We learnt sketching techniques and then went to sketch where we could get views of the church and down to the sea.  We will be using the sketches to create our own landscapes inspired by Vincent Van Gogh

Picture 1
Picture 2
Picture 3
Picture 4
Picture 5
Picture 6
Picture 7
Picture 8

Hot and Cold pictures

In Crooklets class we have been learning about great artists and artworks.  We have been learning about related colours and used our knowledge to complete these 'hot and cold' designs using oil pastels.

Inspirational Journals

We have been keeping inspirational journals in Crooklets class as a different way of managing our home learning.  Each week we choose what we want to research or to tell our teacher.  We plan to add to the entries on this page so you can see some of our home learning.

Saxon Shields
Crooklets class are learning about the Anglo-Saxons this term.  They have learnt from where the Saxons, Jutes and Angles originated and have researched the differences between Anglo-Saxon and modern living.  The children also looked at Anglo-Saxon shields and then used them as inspiration to design their own shields. 

Pirate FM Workshop

We were very lucky to have a visit from Pirate FM to help us produce adverts to market our chocolate bars we have designed.  Have look at the pictures below. Click on the audio files below to listen to our adverts!

Picture 1
Picture 2

Listen to our adverts - Whirlybar

Produced by Melody, Erin, Isaac and Thomas

Listen to our adverts - Choccy

Produced by Sam N, Oliver, Natalie and Sukie

Listen to our adverts - Crunchpop

Produced by Maddy,Mollie-May, Micky and Sam V

Listen to our adverts - Crunchy Dreams

Produced by James, Molly and Sienna