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We have been writing for various purposes this year, from story-telling to persuading 'Lord Sugar' to back our chocolate bars. This page showcases writers who have worked really hard to improve their writing and create some of their best work.  We will be updating this page regularly, so please do come back and have another look.

Alma - Stories about a sinister shop

We watched a short film on the Literacy Shed website and were inspired to write suspense stories about a little girl who discovers a rather mysterious doll shop.  Read our stories if you dare...

Anglo Saxon Migration Stories


We have been investigating the Anglo-Saxons' migration to Britannia and have created our own migration stories.

Suspense Stories..


After watching a short film, we were inspired to write our own short suspense stories.


Designing our own Chocolate Bars


In the Spring Term, we worked in teams to design chocolate bars using the design cycle.  Here are some of our teams' briefs to our very own Lord Sugar (a.k.a. Mr Watson), telling him why he should choose their chocolate bar.

Tropical Fruit Poems


In February, we explored tropical fruit using all our senses as part of our topic on the Mayans and tropical food.  Here are some of our descriptive poems.