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Writing produced in 21/22

Imaginary Animal Reports


We were inspired by Ricky Gervais's Flanimals to create our own imaginary creatures.  Here are some of our non-chronological reports about them.

Poems about our imaginary creatures


As well as non-chronological reports, we also wrote poems about our creatures to experiment with a wide range of poetic devices, including figurative language and vivid description.  Here are some of our poems.

Writing produced in 2020/21

Broken Stories


We have written stories inspired by the Broken animation on the Literacy Shed.


River Rhine Tourist Brochure

We have written brochures to persuade families to visit the Middle River Rhine Valley in Germany.  

Newspaper Reports based on Tuesday by David Wiesner


We have written Newspaper reports about an invasion of flying frogs (or in one case pigs) over our village, inspired by this wonderful picture book.

Roman History Writing

We concluded our Roman topic by writing about why the Romans invaded Britain and whether they were successful.  

Writing Produced in 2019/20

Stories inspired by the Tin Forest by Helen Ward

Writing 2018/19

Adventure Stories inspired by Sky Song

We have written icy, adventure quest stories, inspired by the magical novel, Sky Song by Abi Elphinstone.  Here are a few of the books we have made for our stories:

Earthquake Newspaper Reports

In topic, we have been learning about our dynamic earth, including the Ring of Fire around the Pacific Ocean.  Here are some of our newspaper reports about an earthquake in Ecuador.

Escape from Pompeii stories


We have written our own versions of Escape from Pompeii, linking with our topic, the Dynamic Earth.

Voices in the Park


Inspired by Anthony Browne's Voices in the Park, we have written our own versions.  We used his wonderful illustrations to help us create our own figurative language and to tell the same story through different voices.

Writing Produced in 2017/18

The Little Ghost

As part of our topic on Germany, we wanted to hear some German stories. Our class novel has been 'The Little Ghost' by Otifried Preussler and we have also watched the film on which the book is based.  In our English work we have been working on narrative fiction.  We have retold the story of 'The Little Ghost'.  We hope you enjoy reading our work.

Non-chronological reports

The children have been researching the Allgaeu region of southern Germany as part of their topic.  They have used a variety of sources to find out information including books, the internet and videos.  They have then used the information to produce their own non-chronological reports on Oberstdorf.  We hope you enjoy reading them.

A persuasive leaflet

We found out lots of information about Germany and then learnt the features of persuasive writing.  Have a look at some of our leaflets and see if we have successfully used the features of persuasive writing.

Stories inspired by 'Katy and the Starry Night,'

As part of our topic on 'Great Artists,' we studied the work of Van Gogh.  We read the story, 'Katy and the Starry Night,' and used the text to inspire our own stories where children have adventures in the pictures of Van Gogh.


Have a read of some of our picture books, we hope you enjoy them.


Writing produced in 2016-17

Alma - Stories about a sinister shop

We watched a short film on the Literacy Shed website and were inspired to write suspense stories about a little girl who discovers a rather mysterious doll shop.  Read our stories if you dare...

Anglo Saxon Migration Stories


We have been investigating the Anglo-Saxons' migration to Britannia and have created our own migration stories.

Suspense Stories..


After watching a short film, we were inspired to write our own short suspense stories.