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Sandymouth – Reception and Year 1

Investigating Magnets

Chinese New Year

Our trip to Rosemoor.

Fire Service Visit 29th October 2018

Kilkhampton Royal Wedding

We had our very own royal wedding at school on Friday 18th May.  The children in Sadymouth learnt about weddings, made their own cakes, planned the reception and then took part in the 'wedding ceremony'.  The children from Summerleaze class were invited to be part of our congregation to celebrate the 'marriage' of Riley and Eliza.

Making Jelly

We made jelly with Mrs Jones.  We talked about how to make jelly and the changes that would happen to the jelly mixture.  Once the jelly had set, we got to taste it!

Working in our role-play hospital

We have been learning about 'ourselves' this term and our role-play area has been a hospital.  We have had jobs to do in our role-play hospital, which has helped us learn.  Here are some pictures of us at work.

Our Learning during 2016-17

Sandymouth Camping Afternoon

As part of our learning on, 'Our Environment,' we had a camp on the school field. We put tents up, played some games and roasted marshmallows at the end of the afternoon.

Our visit to Lamb Park

We have been finding out about our local environment and visited Lamb Park. We used our visit to take sketches and make some models of the play equipment.  We all had a very good time!

Easter Cakes

We got ready for Easter by making Easter nest cakes with Mrs Jones. We melted the chocolate and then added cornflakes to make the cakes.  They tasted delicious!

Picture 1
Picture 2


We have been getting our outside learning environment ready for spring.  We have been planting containers with Miss Moore. We will share pictures with you when the plants have grown and produced flowers.

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Picture 2