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The Clock Tower 


We used the Literacy shed website and watched a short clip called 'The Clock Tower'. We hope you enjoy our versions of the story. 

Scary Stories

We have been learning about how to add suspense to our writing and conveying atmosphere.  We have tried to do this in short, scary stories.  Have a read and see what you think....

Pigeon Impossible

We used the Literacy Shed website and watched the short film 'Pigeon Impossible' about a pigeon who has a run-in with the FBI!  We hope you enjoy our versions of the story.

Dolphin Boy

We read the story 'Dolphin Boy' by Michael Morpurgo.  We then tried to retell it from different points of view.

Writing produced in previous years

Writing Produced in 2017-18

Writing inspired by the German tales of Til Eulenspiegel, the prankster

Writing produced in 2016-17

The Piano