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After-School Clubs

These will be the after-school clubs running in the school for the second half of the spring term 2024.

MondaysGymnastics for Years 3 and 4 With external tutor from Arena 19th February to 25th March
TuesdaysJump Start Jonny for Years 1 and 2 With Mrs Moyle and Mrs Cornish 20th February to 26th March
TuesdaysArt and craft for Years 3 and 4 With Miss Moore and Miss Brown 20th February to 26th March
TuesdaysDodgeball for Years 4, 5 and 6 With Mrs Watkins and Mrs Bunning 20th February to 26th March
WednesdaysFun Club for Years 3 and 4 With Mrs Watkins and Mrs James 21st February to 27th March
ThursdaysFootball for Years 1 and 2 With external tutor from LJD Coaching 22nd February to 28th March

Clubs are now booked online via Schoolcomms/School Gateway.  You will be sent an invite if your child expresses an interest in joining a club.