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Year 1 children in Duckpool have been sharing and investigating odd and even numbers.

Measuring Capacity!

The children in Widemouth class have been working on measurements in maths. This week we have been looking at capacity. The children have had to accurately estimate, measure and convert using millilitres and litres.

This page will give you details of what your child is learning in maths.  We also help it will provide you with help on how to support your child in mathematics.  You can find details of the yearly maths curriculum below by looking at our progression sheets.  We have also included our Calculation Policy on this page to show you how the children are taught to calculate at Kilkhampton Junior and Infant School.


We have been developing the children's ability to problem solve and reason in mathematics this academic year.  Most recently we received a visit from the NRich Problem Solving Roadshow.  You can find details and pictures of this in our 'Latest News Section'.