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The Pupil Premium is awarded to schools by the government to support the most disadvantaged children.  On this page you will find details of:

  1. How much Pupil Premium funding we receive each year
  2. What the main barriers to educational achievement that the disadvantaged children in the school face
  3. How we propose to spend our funding each year in order to address these barriers
  4. How we will measure the impact of this funding
  5. When we plan to review our Pupil Premium strategy
  6. How we spent our Pupil Premium during the last academic year and the impact that the funding had on disadvantaged pupils.

We receive approximately £28,000 in Pupil Premium funding.


We find the main barriers our disadvantaged children face are in the following areas:

  1. Keeping up with their peers in reading, writing and maths
  2. Having a wide choice of books to read at home
  3. Overcoming literacy and numeracy barriers that others in the household may have
  4. Having wider experiences which other children may get


We review the spending of our Pupil Premium budget every year and propose to review our Pupil Premium strategy during the summer term of 2018.  We will seek the views of parents and carers to help staff and governors make decisions about the effectiveness of our strategy as well as looking at how children in receipt of the Pupil Premium performed compared to their peers both within school and nationally.


Our budget aims to tackle these barriers so our children in receipt of the Pupil Premium close the attainment gap with children not in receipt of the premium both in school and nationally.  The documents below show how we propose to achieve this.