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This page will give you more information about the curriculum in Computing and what your child will be learning during their time at Kilkhampton Junior and Infant School.


We use the Purple Mash Scheme of Learning to help us deliver the curriculum and we deliver this in individual year groups.  In the document section below you can find details of the topics covered in 'Purple Mash' as well as a progression of skills and our intent and implementation for the teaching of Computing at Kilkhampton Junior and Infant School.

Coding in Y5 and Y6

In Year 5 and 6, we have been working on coding this half term. The Year 5s have been looking at different tools we can use and the Year 6s have been utilising these to create their own games incorporating a timer and/or score.


Check out Ebin's simulation of traffic lights below and some of the Year 6 games.


Ebin (Traffic Lights Simulation)


Marshall (Football Game)


Aaron (Space Escape Game)


Logan (Football Game)

Toy Designs - Programming

The children have been designing their own toys inspired by Roald Dahl characters. They had to think of how their interactive toy would work and then program these on Scratch. Whilst working on these, the children had to overcome any errors or bugs that occurred and use logical thinking to fix them. Here are a few examples of some of the finished products.

Manipulating Images

In Key Stage Two we have been learning how to manipulate images. Year 3 and 4 in Widemouth class learnt how to take a single image to turn it into a piece of art inspired by Andy Warhol's 'Campbell's Soup'.

In Upper Key Stage Two pupils have manipulated their own art-work to turn it into a front cover for their topic books.

Maths Games!

In Widemouth class, we have been creating maths games in ICT. The children had to design and program their games to be challenging and fun for their chosen audience.