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Investigating the Digestive System

In Year 4, we have been learning about the digestive system.  We created our own digestive system. We began with a 'meal' of bread and biscuits, which we cut up in our mouth ( a plastic food bag).  We then moved the food down the oesophagus into our 'stomach'.  For this we used a zip lock bag - we used cola to act as stomach acid.  


Once the food had spent some time in the stomach, we passed it through the small and large intestines - we used a pair of tights to act as these parts of the body.  We had  a great time and learnt lots!

Ancient Egyptian Research

States of Matter in Science

We've been learning about states of matter in Science.  Mrs O'Reilly gave us lots of different materials and we had to decide if they were solids, liquids or gases and why we thought that!