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Summerleaze – Year 5 and 6

Self portraits September 2021

Our topic overview September and October 2021

Stone Age Workshop day

Making river models to showcase our learning in geography

Meet our clay Flanimals

Chinese Day Cooking



In Summerleaze class, we have been looking at a topic called Flanimals. 

Have a look at some of our fantastic designs and non chronological reports about our Flanimals.

Flanimal designs

Christingle 2018

The children enjoyed making their own Christingles and learning about the Christingle tradition in RE before attending our service at the parish church.

Our BFG Books 


In Summerleaze we have been looking at the author Roald Dahl and have written our own version of his work 'The BFG'.



Investigating Plants - March 2018

In science we have started to learn about plants.  We are currently investigating what plants need to live.  We have taken some primrose plants and planted them in different ways: without leaves; without roots; without flowers; without water and in other ways. To make it a fair test, we have also planted one 'whole' primrose in sunlight and watered it every day.  We look forward to sharing our findings...

Puppet Making - February 2018

As part of our fairy tales topic, we were set the challenge to design and make finger puppets.  This was very tricky.  Pictured above are some of us practicing our sewing skills and some of us with our finished puppets.  We will add to these pictures as more of us finish our set of finger puppets.

Our Visit to WeAreTheCurious in Bristol

Chinese New Year Day - February 9th 2018

Art inspired by Caspar David Friedrich

In art we have been learning about watercolour techniques. We looked at the art work of Caspar David Friedrich and looked at how he could create moods in his paintings through his use of colour mixing, particularly in the colours he chose for his skies.  Have a look at our finished pieces of art work below.

Christingle 2017

We held a school Christingle service in St James' Church in the village on Monday 18th December.  Before the service, we did some research to find out about the meaning of Christingle.  We also enjoyed making our own Christingle oranges.  Below you can see some of our creations!

Hinduism Workshops - November 2017

Dance and Drumming Workshop with the Pearl of Africa Choir

Our Germany Topic Books - November 2017

As part of our topic on Germany,we have are creating our own topic books.  In ICT we have been learning to manipulating images. We created our own pictures, scanned them as a PDF, then manipulated the images within Publisher.

Summerleaze Class 2016-17

Problem Solving in Maths

We have been studying place value in maths and to help us deepen our learning, Miss Stevens gave us an NRich problem to investigate.  We chose different ways to solve it and look forward to sharing some of our learning with you on the website.  Below are some pictures of us carrying out our investigation!

Cooking with Mr Davis

On Wednesday 19th July 2107, Summerleaze class were very lucky to have the opportunity to work with Mr Davis.

Mr Davis talked to the children about the importance of different foods, carried out a food related quiz and made chocolate eclairs. The children had a fantastic time!

Spinners in Science

We have been planning our own investigations in science linked to spinners.  Our first investigation looked at whether there was a connection between the size of the spinner and the time the spinner took to drop.


This investigation has led us to think of other investigations we could conduct. Watch this space...

Saxon Shields
Summerleaze class are learning about the Anglo-Saxons this term.  They have learnt from where the Saxons, Jutes and Angles originated and have researched the differences between Anglo-Saxon and modern living.  The children also looked at Anglo-Saxon shields and then used them as inspiration to design their own shields. 

Pirate FM Workshop

We were very excited to have a visit from Pirate FM to help us make adverts for the chocolate bars we designed and made in DT.  We spent the morning learning about how to make effective radio advertisements, before recording and editing our own adverts.  Have a look at the pictures from the day.  You can listen to our adverts by clicking on the audio files below.

Listen to our adverts - All in One

By clicking on the audio files, you can hear the adverts we produced with Pirate FM.
All in One produced by Joe, Alfie C, Ben, Millie


Produced by Charlotte, Ashton, Emily, Violet and Fred

Listen to our adverts - Creamies

Produced by Harry, Alfie R, Ned, Mia and Millie M

Listen to our adverts - Wavies

Produced by Rosie, Jake, Matthew, Tyler and Barney