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On this page you will find details of what your child will be learning in Geography during their time at the school. The content of the curriculum is laid out in the National Curriculum and the documents below will outline the aims and objectives of the teaching and learning of the subject at the school as well as the skills progression through your child's time at the school.

Where in the world is Vickery Bear?

Vickery Bear is a bear that loves to travel, helping the children learn about different places in the United Kingdom, new countries and cultures.

If your family is planning a trip, please collect Vickery Bear from Mrs Moyle. It would be great to have photos, postcards or information of places you have visited together, on his return to school. We will build up a display of his travels in the school hall.

Thank you,

Mrs Moyle 

Visiting America - Vickery Bear visited America with Edward. They flew into New York and then travelled by train to Connecticut. His adventures can be seen in the hall.